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You have reached the Privacy Policy page which is applicable to SaskEnergy Incorporated and its subsidiary companies carrying on business in Canada. As part of our pledge to provide customer service excellence, SaskEnergy continues to respect your privacy and we’re taking steps to further safeguard your Personal Information. Part of this commitment involves updating you on your rights as a customer, and letting you know how we use your Personal Information.

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SaskEnergy Incorporated and its subsidiary companies:

  SaskEnergy Incorporated is Saskatchewan's natural gas distribution company, a provincial Crown corporation with roots of more than half a century in Saskatchewan.  SaskEnergy delivers the benefits of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly natural gas to more than 325,000 residential, farm, commercial and industrial customers throughout Saskatchewan.

  TransGas Limited (TransGas), created in 1988, transports, stores, compresses and gathers natural gas in the province of Saskatchewan. TransGas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saskatchewan's Crown-owned natural gas utility SaskEnergy Incorporated (SaskEnergy).

  Saskatchewan First Call Corporation - Sask 1st Call is a “Call Before You Dig” location screening and notification service for contractors and customers who are planning to dig or excavate. Calling Sask 1st Call will proactively alert the Sask 1st Call subscriber companies of plans to disturb the ground. 


Bayhurst Gas Limited

Bayhurst Gas Limited - Bayhurst owns a gross overriding royalty on approximately 450 petroleum and natural gas properties in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Bayhurst also owns, produces and sells natural gas from its properties in the Beacon Hill area of Saskatchewan.


Many Island Pipelines (Canada)Limited

Many Island Pipelines (Canada) Limited - MIPL owns several transmission pipeline facilities, which are used to transport natural gas interprovincially (from Alberta to Saskatchewan) and internationally (both into and out of United States markets).

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